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Dr Daniel Waxman



I'm a Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy at Corpus Christi College. Prior to starting at Corpus, I did my graduate work in Philosophy at New York University, and before that I completed an undergraduate degree in Maths and Philosophy at Worcester College, Oxford.

Research Interests

My current research mostly concerns truth, consistency, and coherence. I'm interested in making sense of pluralist views about mathematics, according to which (roughly) any consistent or coherent mathematical theory is true. For related reasons, I spend a lot of time thinking about the nature of coherence, theories of truth, (both formal and otherwise), and about the epistemology of consistency: how we might ever come to get justification or knowledge that our best theories are consistent (especially in light of limitative results like Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems.) 

In addition to my work in the philosophy of mathematics, logic, and epistemology, I have a number of other research interests ranging throughout philosophy. I'm currently writing papers on the applicability of mathematics, determinacy in the philosophy of language, equality and the justification of political authority, and Hume's epistemology. More information can be found on my personal academic website here [].


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