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Dr Daniel Lametti



I have a BSc in Physics, Mathematics and Psychology from Bishop’s University and MSc and PhD degrees in Experimental Psychology from McGill University. Before coming to Oxford and joining Corpus, I spent a year in London working for the Neuroscience and Mental Health team at the Wellcome Trust; I have also worked as a journalist for and Discover Magazine.  

Research Interests

At Oxford I study the brain basis of speech and language as a British Academy postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Experimental Psychology. Speech is arguably the most complicated human behaviour. In a second of fluid conversation we produce two to three words made up of 10 to 12 phonemes. This task involves the close coordination of dozens of muscles; yet, remarkably, in the production of a thousand words we typically only make one or two mistakes. I am interested in the learning mechanisms that allow the brain to perceive and produce speech accurately. To investigate this question, I use psychophysics (measurements of behaviour), noninvasive brain stimulation, and functional neuroimaging to relate speech perceptual and motor learning to brain structure and function. 



Network Design