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Hi! I’m Sneha, from Birmingham and I’m a first-year classicist at Corpus Christi.

I came to Oxford with Greek and Latin, so I’m doing the 1A stream of the course – there are subtle differences depending on how much language experience you have. However, there are no requirements for language to do Classics. if you’ve never done Latin or Greek before, do not worry, there is plenty of time to begin a language upon coming here; so many students apply with just one language, or neither. There are language classes for beginners and for people who’ve had experience of language, which are taught at the Faculty. It’s also a great way to meet other Classics students from other colleges. All you need is a passion and interest for the ancient world, and a willingness to tackle something new. Classics is much more than just being able to recite verb tables off by heart! For example, one of the modules I’ve been most looking forward to studying is Greek Sculpture in the Archaic and Classical periods. It’s something I’ve never studied before, but I have loved reading for it and seeing the ancient world through the eyes of art and architecture.

Classics is really an amazing opportunity to dip your toe into art, archaeology, language, literature, philosophy and more – it’s a chance to find out what parts of the ancient world you’re most fascinated by. This year I’ve had the chance to do a wide range of literature, keep up with language; in the upcoming terms I’m excited to start doing Philosophy and more. It never gets boring; there’s always something new, and something you’ve never studied before to try! The Classics community at Corpus is one of my favourite parts about college, we take quite a few classics students so there is a whole group of us from all different years – it’s great to have like-minded people who are so in love with the subject and would be willing to talk about it all day!

Corpus Christi, and Oxford as a whole, has been the most welcoming atmosphere. I applied to Corpus after stumbling upon it at an open day and instantly feeling at home. We’re one of the smaller colleges, but I’ve found it to be so nice knowing my entire year here and being able to integrate quite a lot into the tight-knit community. I’ve never met so many interesting and unique people; I definitely had worries about not fitting in, or meeting people I had things in common with, but there are so many opportunities to meet people with similar interests, and you find the people you click with. There is no end to the number of societies you can join, or just try out, and there is never a day where something isn’t happening somewhere in the city. I’ve been to concerts, debates, been part of a play that was a drama competition between the colleges and attended life drawing at the Ruskin School of Art. There are so many ways to meet new people! There’s even a society for being part of the Midlands! (it’s real, we don’t conform to the North/South divide.) I can safely say I feel thoroughly at home, it’s a lovely atmosphere to be a part of where people have the chance to explore all the things they love and study something they’re really passionate about.

There are so many horror stories about the workload at Oxford, but it is definitely manageable – you can always find time to squeeze in extra-curriculars, and there are always things happening in College and across the university that don’t require a massive commitment. The welfare support is excellent, and tutors are always there to help if you feel like you’re taking on too much; take it from someone who is prone to procrastination, it is definitely possible to stay on top of things!

If you have any questions at all about studying classics, work, or student life in general I am so happy to talk about anything! I don’t need an excuse to rave about how much I enjoy being at Corpus, studying something I love. I really encourage you to apply, especially if you’re hesitant, Oxford can be the most amazing experience, although it seems scary at first.

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