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The Corpus Christi College Centre for the Study of Greek and Roman Antiquity

The Centre was set up in 1993 to provide a focus and umbrella organisation for the College's various postgraduate activities in classical research (the area of ‘classics' being very widely defined). Corpus, founded in 1517 partly to promote the newly revived study of Latin and Greek in Oxford, remains firmly committed to the study of the classical world in all its forms. Amongst Oxford colleges it has the largest proportions of undergraduates studying classical subjects, of permanent faculty members with classical interests, and of classical graduates. These last groups form the core of the Centre: all the College's Fellows and lecturers with classical interests are ex officio Senior Members, and all classical graduate students at Corpus are automatically Members; other categories include Visiting Members (short-term visiting graduates and academics) and Associate Members (classical scholars without other UK departmental affiliation). The Centre organises two series of seminars in Michaelmas and Hilary Terms each year (the Corpus Christi Classical Seminar, founded 1980). It also stages other conferences, one-off seminars and lectures (and social events!) from time to time.

Centre Personnel

Director: Constanze Guthenke
Associate Director: Emily Clifford

Senior members: Bernardo Ballesteros, Ewen Bowie, Abigail Buglass, Anna Clark, Emily Clifford, Giacomo Comiati, Marion Durand, Jas' Elsner, Constanze Guthenke, Alex Hardwick, Stephen Harrison, Marek Jankowiak, Neil McLynn, Anna Marmodoro, Panayiotis Panayides, Nikolaos Papazarkadas, Tobias Reinhardt, Rachel Wood

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Honorary Members: Ursula Coope, Nick Denyer, Robert Guy, Sir Claude Hankes KCVO, Philip Hardie, James Howard-Johnston, Jonathan Kagan, John Ma, Glenn Most, Robin Osborne, Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis, Peter Rhodes, David Sedley, Catherine Steel, Christopher Taylor, Rod Thomson, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Ute Wartenburg Kagan, Tim Whitmarsh, Michael Winterbottom

Associate members: Qasim Ali, Lucia Athanassaki; Arezou Azad; Sam Barnish; David Blackman; Joan Booth; Hannah Burgess; Louise Calder; Chris Collard; Anthony Comfort; Jody Cundy; Tobias Daenzer; Catherine Darbo-Peschanski; Wolfgang de Melo; Marie Durnerin; Michael Featherstone; Richard  Finn; Almut Fries; Samuel Gartland; Sarah Graham, Peter Haarer, Sandy Hardie; Sybille Haynes; Geraldine Herbert-Brown; Charlotte Higgins; Owen Hodkinson; Tom Holland; Sally Humphreys; Gavin Kelly; Helen King; Joy Littlewood; Jenny March; Tim Mitford; Hendrik Müller; Mai Musié; Arietta Papaconstantinou; Paul Pheby; Tessa Rajak; Tessa Roynon; Albert Schachter; Neil Sewell-Rutter; Claudia Strobel; Mathura Umachandran; Riet Van Bremen; Mary Whitby.

Visiting members: Catherine Conybeare, Colin King and Scarlett Kingsley

Graduate members: Emily Clifford, Olafur Arnason, Nicolette D'Angelo, Paolo Dainotti, Christopher Dowson, Mattis Heyne, Benjamin Thorne

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