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Classical Archaeology & Ancient History

We typically seek to admit 10 students a year across Classics and its joint schools, including Classical Archaeology and Ancient History.


Corpus has a large number of Classical tutors, so that many aspects can be covered in college: Sam Gartland covers Greek history and Anna Clark who is the ancient history tutor at Christ Church, but also a lecturer at Corpus teaches Roman history; Jas' Elsner, a world authority in Roman art and a Research Fellow in the college teaches archaeology and art history (Corpus also has a lecturer in archaeology), and Neil McLynn, covers late roman history. The literary tutors, Stephen Harrison and Constanze Güthenke, also take an active interest in CAAH. In addition, Corpus boasts an excellent, world-class library in Classics, with a special interest in art history and archaeology.

So there are lots of resources, but also a very active Classics community, within which CAAH students fit well: learning happens in the university-organized classes, the college-based tutorials, but also in interaction in the Classics Society, and in speaking to other students. All in all, Corpus is a very strong place in which to do any classically related subject.


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