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Hey! I’m Lauren and I’m coming to the end of my first year here at Corpus studying chemistry. Corpus became a home from home almost immediately, helped incredibly by the warm atmosphere around the college- everyone from the porters to the bar staff to the postgrads can be relied on for a chat- you’re never far from a friendly face here!

I was actually reallocated to Corpus before my interviews, and can’t imagine being anywhere else now, let alone enjoying any other college as much- but inevitably I would have said that for any college that I may have gone to. So try not to stress too much about your college choice if it all seems overwhelming; each college is more similar than different in the grand scheme of things. My advice would be to come down to an open day and get a feel for a few colleges (obviously though, do pop by Corpus!)

The workload at Oxford has an infamous reputation, and quite rightly so- it’s not easy here, but it does become more manageable and you learn to deal with looming deadlines and become all the more efficient for it!.. Each weekday morning, we have two hours of lectures on organic, inorganic & physical chemistry and maths, which, on Mondays and Tuesdays, lead into a day full of labs (finishing at 5pm at the latest). Coming from school, labs can seem quite daunting, especially if you haven’t really had the chance to do many practicals before, but we work in groups and have demonstrators who we can ask for help, and by the end of the year you’ll really start to get into the swing of how the course all links together.

We are set a problem sheet each week in maths and on a given topic in chemistry leading towards a maths class and a chemistry tutorial. Tutorials really set Oxford apart from other universities, and we’re lucky here to have fantastic tutors. We’ll spend a week researching and learning about a new topic, answer a set of problems and talk them through in the tutorial, which is great as we get the chance to go through any areas of difficulty and explore areas of interest in more depth.

Alongside studying, it’s important to make time to relax; whether partying or settling down to watch your favourite Netflix series with your friends is your thing, there’s something for everyone here, and you’ll quickly find a great group of friends to share this time with. I began rowing when I arrived, am a part of the Corpus-Pembroke women’s football team, attend the odd French society event, am tentatively going to tango lessons, go to LGBTQ+ events and the list goes on… Aka, there’s plenty of time to do as much or as little in the way of socialising as you want if you manage your time well, and plenty of opportunities to take part in societies at both college and university level.

In terms of entry requirements, check out the Chemistry Department website and the Corpus Chemistry page but with respect to your subjects, chemistry, maths and another science are currently requirements but anything more than that is up to you. 

It’s very easy to be daunted by the grandeur of Oxford, the application and interview process, but try not to let them put you off; if you love your subject, you stand as good a chance as anyone of getting in, so why not give yourself a chance and go for it?


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