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Board and Lodgings Information 2016/17

Daily/Weekly average room rate = £21.30/£149.14

Length of undergraduate contract in days 3 x 60 days = 180

You can expect meal costs to be of the following order:-

Breakfast = £1.88
Lunch = £2.95
Dinner = £4.42


We guarantee all undergraduates College rooms for the duration of their three or four year course in Oxford. Graduates are entitled to two year's College accommodation. Private sector accommodation in Oxford is expensive and often difficult to find but this is not a problem members of Corpus need face unless they want to.

Our student accommodation is both comfortable and reasonably priced. Rooms are available throughout the main part of the College, in the Oldham/Jackson Building, Magpie Lane and Kybald Twychen (just across Merton Street - see map), in the Liddell Building (situated next to the University Gymnasium and Sports Ground, a five-minute bike ride away) and in the Lampl Building on Park End Street (a five-minute bike ride away). All undergraduate first years are housed on-site and second, third and fourth year undergraduates and all returning graduates are entered into a ballot to be housed either in one of the nine houses situated within about a mile of the City centre or in the rooms on the central site, 31 of which provide en-suite facilities. Apart from these, all rooms are single study-bedrooms with washbasins and shared bathrooms.  First year graduates are, generally, housed either at the Liddell site on Iffley Road or in one of our houses on Banbury Road.

We also have some accommodation suitable for disabled students. At present, the upper part of the library and the JCR are only accessible to wheelchair users through the use of a stairclimber.


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