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Biomedical Sciences

Artem Belov
Salut! My name is Artem and I am just about to finish the 1st year of Biomedical sciences course at Corpus Christi. I’m an international student, IB graduate, who enjoys his time at Oxford more and more every term!

It is impossible not to fall in love with Corpus and its people. With about 75 students in every year, the college indeed lives up to our unofficial catchphrase: “Small and friendly”. Having spent most of my previous years in quite small schools, I find it comforting to know pretty much every face in my year group and to have friends among senior Corpsucles. You simply don't notice how you get to know such a diverse range of people.

The very central location of Corpus also means that you are never too far away from anything. Being 10 minutes from Science Area, where most of our lectures and tutorials happen, can be unspeakably helpful when you involuntarily snooze the alarm one early November morning. Moreover, the library never closes and is well-stocked with all the books necessary to understand what Pawel (one of our BMS tutors) meant by the essay question you just got.

The course itself offers a wide range of potential paths to complete it, allowing you to tailor your degree the way you want. The first year is focused on building students’ basic knowledge of biological systems and the principles their function is based on, which will later allow you to choose the options you like for the 2nd and 3rd years of your degree.

Course starts with 6 major threads: Molecules and Genes (sharing some lectures with biochemists), Cells and Body (sharing more lectures with medics) and Brain and Behaviour (pretty much becoming best friends with experimental psychology students). Extra Chemistry, Physics, Math and Statistics make sure that you are not left out academically regardless of what A-Levels / IB subjects you have applied with. Personally, I found chemistry lectures life-saving, as the last time I touched on any organics was very long ago!

Second year will start with several options you will choose from 20 possible topics to study, ranging from molecular biology to behavioural neuroscience. Having done those, you get to choose to complete your degree in either Neuroscience or Cells and Systems Biology. There is always some space for choice, the degree is surprisingly flexible once you have completed your first year.

I originally did not apply to Corpus. Even worse, I originally thought of a Physics degree. On top of that, I forgot the haploid number of chromosomes in human during my interview… Nonetheless, if I had a choice to change my college, I never would: I love the time I’ve spent doing my degree and participating in local community’s life.

If you have any questions about Biomedicine, Corpus life, Oxford or anything vaguely related – the email address is above!

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