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The North West Science Network: Application and Selection 

For three of our events as part of the North West Science Network, students apply online if they wish to attend. These events are the Maths in Science workshops, the Daresbury Laboratory Visit, and the North West Science Summer School. 

Any UK-based Year 12 student from the North West of England with a genuine interest in studying a STEMM subject at university is welcome to apply to these events. However, please note that our events are often oversubscribed. In the event of oversubscription, Corpus Christi has established criteria with which to select applicants for outreach events, in line with our commitment to supporting students from backgrounds underrepresented at Oxford and in Higher Education.

In this way, the application process is very different to the Oxford admissions process, so gaining a place or not gaining a place on one of the above events does not bear a relation to the student’s chances of success in the Oxford admissions process.

Most or all students offered a place on the event will meet all three primary considerations. Priority will be given to students who, in addition, meet one or more of the secondary considerations. A small number of students may be offered places who do not meet all of the primary considerations. Of these, priority would be given to those who meet one or more of the secondary considerations. In the event of equally competitive applicants, ‘additional considerations’ may be used to determine which applicant is offered a place. 

Primary Considerations

 Student attends a non-selective state school

 Student has relatively strong STEMM GCSE results and is aspiring to study a STEMM degree at university

 Student has no parental history of higher education

Secondary Considerations

 Student is eligible for free school meals and/or a Pupil Premium student

 Student is from an ethnic minority

 Student is or has been a Looked After Child (lived or living in Local Authority Care)

 Student has a disability

 Student is a Young Carer

 Student holds Refugee Status in the UK

Additional Considerations

 We may also use postcode and school data to inform us of whether or not an applicant is from an area or school where progression to higher education is low, or from an area of socio-economic disadvantage. Such data would be treated in the same manner as in the Oxford admissions process; for an explanation, see ‘Prior Education’ and ‘Residential Postcode’ on our web page: Contextual Data.

 We may use other considerations where to do so would be appropriate, including significant underrepresentation of a particular gender in the event’s subject area.


For information on how the College and university handle your data, please see our College Privacy Policy and HEAT Database Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about the above, please contact the Outreach Officer on 



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