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Ancient World Seminar Series 2018

For 500 years, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, has been a leading centre for the study of the ancient world. The Ancient World Schools Seminars are designed to bring the latest research from the College to schools in our regional link area (Oxford’s Link Scheme), from Derbyshire to Greater Manchester. 

In 2018 we held four seminars in early 2018 at our partner institution, Loreto Sixth Form College in Manchester. These are based around the current research projects based at the Corpus Christi Centre for the Study of Greek and Roman Antiquity, and include ancient coin and pot handling, ancient drama, literature, history, architecture, and philosophy. Students from any arts subject are welcome to attend our Ancient World Network events, and no prior knowledge is required. We will be publishing details of our 2019 events in due course.

 Why study the ancient world? One of the great reasons to study the ancient world at university is that it is fundamentally strange to us while recognisable in its foundations, a combination which is helpful in making us more aware of the peculiar way in which our own world works. The history, philosophy, archaeology and literature we have access to from the distant past is never easy to understand, and must be studied together in order to make sense of any single part.

The challenge is not to try and make the ancient world more familiar, but embrace its distance and strangeness as an asset, and use it to learn to ask better questions about individuals and society in any place and any time. This allows us to become more sensitive to our own thoughts, behaviours, and responses to the world around us.

2018 Seminars (All 4.30-6:00 PM, hosted by Loreto Sixth Form College, Manchester) 

Wednesday, January 10th, MONEY.

Tuesday, February 13th, POWER AND OPPRESSION.  

Wednesday, March 14th, WAR.

Tuesday, April 17th, POLITICS.

Feedback from Seminar 1, 'Money': "The students (and I!) were absolutely buzzing after the session and really enjoyed it and are looking forward to the other sessions. We thought the coins you brought in were absolutely fab and it was a real pleasure for them to be able to handle such objects."  Matthew Fisher, History teacher, Winstanley College

The series was followed by an Ancient World Residential in June 2018 at Corpus Christi College.

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