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Dr Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis is Lecturer in Classical Greek Art at King's College London and Lecturer in Art and Archaeology at Corpus Christi College Oxford.

Her research explores the relationship between materiality and religion in the Graeco-Roman world, particularly focusing on the body, landscape and pilgrimage. She is the author of Truly beyond wonders: Aelius Aristides and the cult of Asklepios, Ancient Culture and Representation Series, eds, S.R.F. Price, R.R.R. Smith and O. Taplin (OUP, 2010) and several articles on religion and materiality. While she continues to publish in this area she is currently focusing on a new project in Classical Reception entitled Greek Vases and Modernity. The aim is to explore engagements with Greek Vases from the C18th onwards, including the emergence of the archaeological discipline in the early C19th, design and cultural significance.


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