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Your Room: You are welcome to personalise the room, but you must use the notice boards provided and not use pins, tape or blu-tac on the walls or other paintwork. If you do so and cause damage to the paintwork, then you may be charged for re-decoration. You will find 1 pillow and 1 mattress protector in your room. Please do not take these with you when you leave for vacation. You will be charged for these items if they are not left in place.

Decorations in Accommodation: Please note that no candles or any other items involving a naked flame can be used in college accommodation or anywhere through the college. (please see Student handbook section 8 and 9 for further information). Spray snow and spray glitter are extremely flammable and are not to be used in any areas of the college or accommodation. Real trees cannot be taken into buildings but artificial trees, as long as they are fire retardant*, may be used. Please ensure they do not obstruct windows and doors and that decorations, whether on trees or otherwise, are fire retardant*. No decorations to be put in kitchens at all and please do not place them near heat sources such as radiators or heaters. Corridors and fire exit routes are to be kept clear of decorations or any other items (including overhead) and please remember that all decorations must be removed at the end of term. Fairy lights or similar decorations should only be battery operated and are to meet the British standard* for fire safety. Lights and decorations that are powered by electricity are not to be used.

* The applicable British Standard, which should be clearly marked on all packaging when items are purchased, is BS EN 60598-2-20

Furniture: You are not permitted to bring your own furniture or upholstered items (e.g. bean bags) to College. Furniture provided in your College room cannot be removed. Any damage must be reported as soon as possible.

Damage: You are responsible for your room and the behaviour of any guests who visit you. Please report any damage or broken furniture to your Scout or directly to me. Undue wear and tear, cigarette burns to carpets and furniture, damage to paintwork by blu-tac etc. and any malicious damage may result in you being billed for repairs/replacement and fines being levied against you. If there is anything damaged in your room on your arrival, please inform me as soon as possible.

Fire Safety: For reasons of fire safety the following are prohibited in your room:

  • Candles

  • ‘Hubba-bubba’ pipes

  • Incense

  • Heaters – unless supplied by the college in an emergency

  • Solid or liquid fuel containers

  • Any cooking equipment - microwaves/toasters/hobs/sandwich toasters/rice

  • Cookers

  • Electric Fire blankets

  • Wax Melters

  • Irons

  • Coffee machines

  • Fairy Lights (see decorations in accommodation above)

(Kettles and fans are permitted for use in your room)

Please note that your Scout is under instructions to remove any such items to a safe place and report their existence to the Domestic Bursar.

Please read the information on fire safety, which you will find located by your door, and familiarise yourself with your nearest fire exits, extinguishers and call points soon after your arrival. Smoking is not permitted in any enclosed areas in college – this includes your bedroom. If you smoke, please do not throw your cigarette butts on the floor in the college or the street– we consider this to be littering. Cigarette bins can be found around the Main Quad and other areas of College

Pets of any description - including creepy crawlies or goldfish - are not permitted.

General Information & College Rules: You will receive a copy of this and can also find a copy on Weblearn. This gives information on the rules and regulations of college life and further detail on many points mentioned in this memo. Please make sure you familiarise yourselves with these – ignorance of the rules is no defence!

Lost Keys: You are responsible for your keys and their use. If you lose your keys, or lock yourself out, please go to the Lodge to obtain a spare. The Lodge can lend you a spare key to get back in. If you cannot find your keys, a £30.00 charge applies for each key - these are security keys and can only be copied by a specialist provider. If you live off-site and the Junior Dean, or someone else, has to come out to let you in, then a £25.00 fee applies. This is paid directly to the person who has to come and ‘rescue’ you.

Electrical Safety: Please note the details in the General Information & College Rules with regard to electrical safety, you must make sure that all electrical items you bring to College are safe to use. Voltage is 230V in the UK so make sure that any appliances you bring from home will work. Electrical items should be either new (less than 12 months old) or show evidence of current PAT testing.

Cleaning: You have a cleaner (known as a Scout) who is employed from Monday to Friday. You need to agree, with your Scout, at least 2 days a week, when they can have access to your room for cleaning. It is not the Scout’s job to pick up after you, so please make sure your floor is clutter free on at least one of these agreed days. Scouts will still come into your room if you leave your ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign out continually, so it is wise to agree days when you really do not wish to be disturbed. Public areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens are generally cleaned daily – please help to keep these areas clean and tidy. If you are ‘ill’ for any reason and the scout is required to clean this up then £30 must be paid in cash directly to the scout. However, it is your own responsibility to clear up any such mess.

Rubbish & Recycling: There is a bin in your room is for recycling plastic, paper, cans, and small items of cardboard. Glass and batteries can also be recycled at other areas in College. See the Accommodation section on Weblearn for locations of Recycling points. Please show consideration to your Scout and do not put anything into either bin that could be dangerous, such as broken glass, nor any items that you think the Scout would prefer not to see! If you have excess waste in your room, for example at the end of term, then it is your responsibility to take this to the wheelie bins yourself. Main college bines are found in Thomas yard.

Energy Saving: The College uses a vast amount of power, please help us to minimise this. For example, in order to reduce the heat in your room, please adjust the heater - don’t just open the window. When you leave your room please switch off lights and electrical appliances.

Vacations: During each vacation, rooms are used by a variety of conference and function guests. Therefore, your room must be completely emptied at the end of each term, including items on the noticeboard and under the bed! Anything that is left behind in your room or the kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities will be considered unwanted and disposed of – we do not have the space to retain and store these items until you return. There is limited availability to stay up in College after exams/end of term, so make sure the person who will be picking you up at the end of each term is aware that you may need to be collected mid-week and not at the weekend.

Security: Make sure you read the information provided in your welcome pack about insurance and take out extra insurance if applicable. LOCK YOUR DOOR and shut your window when you leave your room – even if just going to take a shower. Your insurance will not pay out if your computer is stolen because the burglar only had to reach through your open window to take it. Please do not let people into the building/staircase unless you know that they are a member of the College.

Parking: There are no parking facilities on site for Corpus students, so it is wise not to bring a car to Oxford.

Emergencies: In the event of a life-threatening emergency, if possible, call the emergency services directly on 999 and inform the lodge staff that you have done so. Alternatively, alert the lodge staff immediately. The Lodge has details of all first aiders within College and can help with other urgent matters. Refer to the Welfare Guide on Weblearn and the General Information & College Rules for details of other, less urgent, help available.

Maintenance Problems: Please report any maintenance issues as soon as possible using the form on Weblearn. For urgent/serious maintenance problems, such as a complete loss of power to the building, then please report directly to the Lodge.

Noise: The Junior Deans are on duty 24/7 for any problems such as excess noise from other students - please do not hesitate to contact the Lodge to request the assistance/attendance of a Junior Dean if necessary. Please remember that you are living in a shared community and show due consideration to others, particularly with regard to levels of noise.

For other concerns/issues with your accommodation please contact the Accommodation and Conference Manager, Michelle Mayes, on (2)76708, via her pigeon hole in the Lodge, by , or her office is in Thomas Building, Room 5, should you wish to visit in person.

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